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Transitional Kinder/Kindergarten

This program is truly one of a kind and thoughtfully prepared. The children are the eldest of the school and with that brings many benefits to their skill sets and confidence. Lessons and exploration reach deeper into areas of curriculum and research in meaningful ways, closely connecting to long term projects and the natural scaffolding of knowledge and skills.

Meal Program

Oaksong Nature School provides two healthy meals and two healthy snacks per day.

Our health-focused meal program is convenient so families do NOT have to pack a lunch each morning, while also feeling assured that their children are provided nutritious, substantial, and delicious meals to sustain them for optimal learning and development!

All of our meals are Texas state licensing approved for appropriate portion sizes and food group variety. 

OakSong School takes every opportunity to celebrate community and rich experiences that unite the children together. We embrace each opportunity to appreciate diversity and learn something new. As such, we are proud to allow the children the opportunity to explore amazing foods and flavors from around the Globe on most Fridays! We hope to guide them in discovering that the world is extremely diverse, and that what makes it special and interesting.

*Our meal program is always nut-free. We do accommodate gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian meals upon request at additional monthly charge.

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