OakSong School provides an early life experience that will lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning and personal growth. We aim to provide the natural child a safe and prepared environment to learn what the mind and heart desires, while encouraging each child to discover what makes them unique.

Our learning environment prepares children to become capable, proactive, confident human beings with social grace and grit. We build character by developing a child’s intellect and spirit through practical work, natural play, and creative art in an interest- led learning environment THAT IS JUST GOOD FUN!

WE LOVE YOUR CHILDREN EVERY DAY SO YOU CAN GO EARN A LIVING and be at peace knowing your child is having the time of their life playing and learning through the lens of our beautiful world.

Core Values

We have a simple yet beautiful motto: ‘Intrepid!’, or ‘BE BRAVE!’ In school, we talk about how being brave or intrepid takes many forms. Being brave isn’t always a grand gesture – sometimes it just means playing with someone new, working on a project that’s difficult, attempting a task we think we can’t do, and learning to persevere and digs your heals in and do your best.We offer a safe, nurturing and stimulating natural environment in which this culture of intrepidness can flourish, allowing OakSong School children to be brave and adventurous as they learn and grow.

Community and Family

Love and Compassion

Spirit of Adventure

Excellence in Early Education

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