Enrichment Programs

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Special Programs

Groundwork Music Project


Sending good vibrations throughout our school: music can be found everywhere at OakSong School. Students have integrated music time where they sing, dance, wiggle, and jump to both traditional children’s songs, jazz, rock, and a little bit of everything in-between on a regular basis.

Music enriches little minds, tunes children into beat, rhythm, and can even increase a child’s IQ. Did you know that learning to play an instrument can increase IQ by 7.5 points? OakSong believes in the power of music and offers piano and guitar for a small monthly fee for children 3 years and older as well.


This is the age in which children can effortlessly learn another language if regularly exposed to it. We are proud to incorporate this experience by including Spanish in our weekly special schedule. Teachers are encouraged to teach letters, sounds, colors and numbers in both English and Spanish while the children are at school.



The Groovy Bus

Learn the fundamentals of gymnastics and movement by USAG certified instructors. Develop coordination, flexibility and strength; the best part is… they come to us! 


Art encourages young children to explore colors, textures, and science. It gives them the chance to strengthen fine motor skills and hand strength. It’s an opportunity to be creative, to explore new ideas, and carry out plans. It can be messy and inhibited, or thoughtful and meticulous. It is a form of communication and expression to the young learner, and our Teachers incorporate art into their curriculum daily.


Organic gardening is a labor of love and teaches young students the intrinsic rewards of planting, nurturing, and growing. The life cycle is a slow, beautiful, and enriching experience as students eventually harvest their own tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, figs, corn and more.


Yoga is good for all ages! The practice teaches a child how to focus and breathe, techniques that will support a child throughout his/her lifetime.

Meta Martial Arts

Weekly Martial Art Classes on campus for nearly 4 years old and up.

Classes offered by Meta Martial Arts Academy of Dripping Springs

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